Quintana Roo

Quintana Roo invented both the triathlon-specific bicycle and wetsuit. The same creative juices that created the innovative fit and features that first made triathletes go faster are flowing again today.

For 2009, the goal for Quintana Roo was to completely reinvent the way triathletes can use their bike to gain an advantage. We weren't looking to shave a second with frame design, but really find a way to cheat the wind all while designing beneath the most refined FIST fit and position parameters. Bikes have evolved a little over the years, but the tri bike has essentially stayed the same. In 2009 Quintana Roo wanted to bring a bike to triathletes that was as groundbreaking as the Superform in 1989.

The result is the most talked about bike in the field for this year -the Cd0.1. Named after it's incredibly low coefficient of drag, this bike is truly groundbreaking just like Ray's Superform. We don't believe the wind tunnel is a marketing tool like most companies: this bike was developed in one.

In wetsuits, we wanted to raise the bar even further. We added a new material to a crucial spot on the Superfull and the result is a suit that fits, feels, and performs even better. Our suits have always been known for their fit as well as their speed, and on all models we went back to our design vault to dial in all 18 men's and women's sizes.