4ZA - say it with me - FORZA - fortza - (ˈfɔːtsə) strength and power all rolled into your bicycle's cockpit and wheels!

4ZA was born in 2001. Back then, we focused mainly on forks for Ridley Bikes.

Our product range has expanded through feedback from Ridley Bikes and test results from our riders who endure the tough Belgian conditions. That's just about how good product testing gets.

We are based in Belgium in an area of very strong cycling culture. 
We believe that's important. Surrounded by cyclists everywhere giving constant input, both positive and negative. (The positive one is much more fun to get!) Input we use when we think about the products we want to develop. We are also bike riders ourselves.

So, we live in this particular part of the world where bike racing is such an important part of life. Cycling is simply the No. 1 Sport here, with some of the greatest legends in cycling living on our doorstep. 
How could we then resist the challenge to develop racing components and products! For ourselves, for our friends and for the people surrounding us. 
It certainly sounds egocentric, but that's how it is - we develop the products we like and want to use ourselves. Our designers and technicians care about the technical detail and they have a strong feel for the style and aesthetics also.
We show our friends and if they also like our product ideas, then we offer them to our customers.

We hope you like what we do.