2016 Quintana Roo PRFive Ultegra i2 Race

Get superbike performance without the super price! For 2016 the PRfive from Quintana Roo has been redesigned and purpose-built to deliver uncompromising aerodynamics and most of all, speed! The PRfive is more then just A2 wind-tunnel tested; it leads the pack in aerodynamics, weight and stiffness. At this level, every second counts, and the world-class QR PRfive was specifically designed to outperform its competitors. The engineers at QR used their extensive knowledge, expertise and forward-thinking technologies to push the boundaries of excellence. They leveraged their vast experiences to create the PRfive with race-proven and ultra-refined QR SHIFT+ offset downtube technology and Boat Tail aero-cross tube shapes for less vacuum and more efficient airflow across on all relevant tube surfaces. The PRfive is more than a time trial bike; it's the lightest, most aerodynamic race bike on the market. It's unmatched in stability, weight and responsiveness. And it has the most intuitive and adjustable cockpit available on any tri bike. QR's goal was to create the perfect, well-rounded triathlon bike that would be a winner on any course, under any rider, any day of the week. The all-new 2016 Quintana Roo PRfive ticks all the right boxes...mission accomplished!

Available in Green or Red finish.