Established in 2008, The Hive is committed to improving cyclists experience through the relentless application of engineering and design principles. Based in Petaluma, California, The Hive also has offices in San Luis Obispo, California, and Taichung Taiwan.  The roots of The Hive brand were set in place by years of personal experience as cyclists and members of the cycling industry.

In June 2010, The Hive proudly announced a merger with chain retention manufacturer e*thirteen. Independently, both companies were dedicated to designing and manufacturing industry-shaping cycling components. Together, were building on our shared philosophy of strong engineering principles and quality manufacturing to deliver even greater innovation to a discerning customer base. Neither company would exist without loyal customers and industry families, so we thank you for being an integral part of our progress and inspiration. In the near future, we’ll be revealing several new products to be released under a shared brand. In an effort to get you back on the bike instead of in front of the computer, we’ll keep this short and sweet:

e*thirteen is now integrated into the Hive and has replaced the Fifteen.G Offroad product phylum. Fifteen.G cranks have been re-branded as e*thirteen. The Hive now consists of e*thirteen Offroad, Chub Wheelgoods, and Revl Road. Since we all love to ride anything with two wheels, we are happy to offer groundbreaking products for all categories.

Every member of The Hive is an avid cyclist, and was drawn to the industry from a basic love of cycling. Now through The Hive, they intend to improve the experience of cyclists everywhere by developing products that are distinguished by innovative technical features, superb engineering, and industry-leading finishing. Products produced by The Hive will set the standard by which other products are measured.