Here at Ridley we’ve been making bikes for racers by racers since our inception in 1997. Our heritage and fi rm roots in custom craftmanship is one of our main brand values, still painting and building bikes right here in Belgium. Technology and state of the art development is another important pilar in our brand values, but never at the expense of making fragile products. Therefor we see our World Tour team as part of our R&D department. Rider and mechanic feedback is what
makes you able to ride the very same product as they do. As one of the only 4 brands that are in the World Tour since it’s inception we can say; we take racing and racebikes serious!


The hashtag we use in most of our communication referring to being Belgian Tough, is a statement only Ridley can use and does not suit any other cycling brand in the world. Flanders, the Flemish region of Belgium is infamous for delivering the harshest cycling conditions. Riding in the rain, on cobbled noncategory climbs, on snow and on ice are the norm for Belgium’s 6,000 cycling clubs. This place, the pounding heart of a passionate cycling nation where the most revered Spring Classics unfold, is the cold steel anvil where flesh and bones are forged into the toughest racers of all time. This is Belgium, home to Ridley Bikes, this is where our products are engineered, hammered into raw form by the roads themselves, and where we refi ne them with our craftmanship. #BeTough sums all of this up. Tough bikes for tough riders.