Before any PowerTap product reaches your bike, you can bet countless prototypes have been rigorously lab-, road- and trail-tested and perfected. This attention to detail in everything we design and engineer is how we consistently bring you industry-leading accuracy and reliability—complete with the third-party validations that prove this to be fact time and again.

From world-class to grassroots athletes, cyclists trust PowerTap to deliver the information they need to get ahead. That’s because we set the standard for accuracy and durability in cycling power meters years ago and have upheld that attention to quality longer than anyone else. What’s more, we only bring to market products that meet or beat those same high marks.

You can’t improve what you can’t measure. That’s the crux of why we’ve developed the industry’s most complete system, from power meter to cycling computer to software. And exactly why we’re willing to stand behind every piece, every mile, with impeccable customer service—no holds barred.