FSA Extra Light Carbon Road Bars

What else could we call it? At 169g, this high-modulus carbon bar isn’t just light… it’s extra light! Clever use of expanding internal moulds allow extremely fine control over the carbon fiber’s wall thickness, while a complex layup ensures custom stiffness and compliance. The result is a high-control, high-comfort bar that weighs almost nothing.

A 125mm drop and a two degree outward bend mean perfect ergonomics, and it’s available in 400mm, 420mm and 440mm widths.


—High-modulus unidirectional carbon
—Precise lay-ups that results in engineered stiffness and chock adsorption
— Precision formed inside and out

— 31.8 clamp
— Drop: 125mm
— Reach: 80mm
— wdith: 400, 420, or 440mm
— Weight: 169g