Fizik Tritone 6.5 Kium Saddle

The Fizik Tritone 6.5 Kium Saddle is a slightly wider version of the Tritone 5.5, designed to better support men and women with wider sit bones in a triathlon/time trial position, while also helping to reduce aerodynamic resistance. How's that possible? Read on.

First, we'll point out the low-weight, high-strength Kium alloy rails that keep cost down while contributing to a negligible gain in mass over the carbon-railed version of the Tritone (for its strength, Kium is actually 8% stronger than titanium). Next, we'll drawn attention to the carbon-reinforced nylon shell, which is light, flexible yet supportive, and aids in shock absorption from the road. Those are some smart features right off the bat.

The Tritone addresses aerodynamics with its peculiar shape. Whereas taller, pointed noses on most tri/TT saddles allow riders to scoot forward for better positioning in the cockpit and over the crank, this is also detrimental to efficient biomechanics and comfort, as more weight becomes focused on a smaller area of the rider's "undercarriage," and the rider stays higher than necessary in profile. The Tritone's nose is both shorter, lower, and wider than these other saddles, allowing riders to position themselves lower in the cockpit, while still being forward enough to comfortably assume their more aerodynamic "cruising" position. The ultimate result is a saddle design that is rapidly spreading through the triathlon community as the advantages of this approach become evident.

A Front Transition Hook under the saddle's front makes up for the lack of a long nose for a fast grab-and-go during T1. The carriage kit hanging off the back is similar to Fizik's saddle bag option on road saddles, letting you easily attach two bottle cages, CO2, an inflator device, and a spare tube. The saddle is a UCI legal 24 centimeters long.