Cane Creek eeBrakes El Rosado Special Edition Kit

Cane Creek proudly introduces the first limited edition color of their newest generation (G4) eeBrake, the “El Rosado” edition. Anodized in a striking combination of magenta and black, the El Rosados are one of the most beautiful and unique brakesets available. Not only is this the first limited version of the G4 eeBrake, it is also the first time that the limited variant comes packaged as a kit also containing matching smaller Cane Creek EE Cycleworks parts. The El Rosado kit contains the eeNut preload assembly and eeBarKeep bar ends; both which feature matching anodized magenta center bolts. While there is no mistaking the sharp aesthetics of Cane Creek’s EE product line, they are also some the lightest and best performing products on the market (full product descriptions of each component can be found below). The El Rosado is available only as a kit containing one set of regular mount G4 eeBrakes, the eeNut preload assembly, and the eeBarKeep bar ends. As with all of Cane Creek's limited EE Cycleworks colors, this is a small batch product run that will not be remade.