2020 Argon 18 Gallium Road Frameset

If you are looking for a high-class racing bike that won’t break the bank, then the Argon 18 Gallium could be right down your alley. Super-lightweight, rigid and versatile, the Gallium will suit you whether you are looking to tackle tough mountain races or are primarily interested in conquering your local hills with ease.

Often light climbing bikes, which the Gallium certainly is, don’t actually handle the descents that well. But that’s where the Gallium excels since it has been designed to offer a balanced geometry that will help you rail the downhills with ease and confidence. Even if you don’t have Sagan-esque handling skills, you will be able to improve how comfortable you feel on the bike even in tricky situations. And that’s something even your non-cycling partner can appreciate. Argon 18 have based their entire philosophy on the notion of a balanced handling of all their bikes, so the extremely responsive handling combines with a structural stiffness that will enhance every aspect of your ride.

The geometry has received a size-specific treatment which means that the smallest sizes will handle just as well as the larger sizes. The Gallium also takes advantage of the 3D System at the headtube which makes it possible to have three different stack options without having to resort to unsightly and ineffective spacers. It helps you to adjust the handlebar height using these specially designed head tube internals. It’s a huge improvement over the use of spacers because it will look cleaner and increases front end rigidity up to 11% compared to a 25mm worth of spacers. The reversible carbon seat post will give you an additional method of fine-tuning your fit since you will be able to tailor your front/rear positioning from -15mm to -25mm.

Once you have your fit dialed, you can then really enjoy the power this frame will help you put out on the road. The Press Fit 86 bottom bracket offers that important intersection of carbon the strength it needs to be efficient in working with your pedal power. This was, after all, the top of the line WorldTour bike to begin with. It’s only with the development of the slightly lighter and blingier Gallium Pro that this Gallium has been pushed down the hierarchy. But that means it’s a perfect opportunity for you to pick up a pro-quality bike that is probably lighter than many ridden today in the Tour de France. And since it is UCI approved, you can race it yourself in your own USA Cycling events.

Available in six sizes, all of which hit the scale well below the 1000 gram mark, the Argon 18 Gallium is the type of bike that will be comfortable and quick while offering sure-footed handling. It’s a great way to enjoy the open road.