Lake Cycling Shoes

Lake CX238 Road Cycling Shoes

Premium materials and a detail-focussed construction make the Lake CX238 Wide Fit Road Cycling Shoes a great option for tough training rides and races alike. The upper uses a soft leather and mesh that ensure good ventilation and a form fit, with the Outlast heel and tongue lining helping to regulate your temperature. No watts will be lost thanks to a stiff carbon sole transferring your power and the dual Boa and lace system secures the shoe to prevent slipping under high pressures such as during climbing and sprinting.

Lake MX238 Supercross Shoes

The MX238 SuperCross furthers Lake’s commitment to creating innovative and functional products for those diehard Cyclocross, Cross Country or Gravel racers.

Lake CX241 Road Shoes

Light competition road shoe with full grain leather and Nufoam lining. Stability through Lake Race 100% carbon fiber sole and dual side mounted Push/Pull BOA lacing system.

With a profile specifically designed for very high-cadence riding & higher pressure, this shoe features a more curved profile than other shoes. The main differences include increased toe pitch & heel lift, a tighter heel & a slightly wider ball girth to allow the foot to expand under high pedaling pressures.

OUTSOLE: Lake Race 100% Carbon Fiber Sole. Available in 3 hole cleat pattern.

Lake MX241 Endurance MTB Shoes

The MX241 Endurance is Lake's most adjustable shoe. With two BOA IP1 dials and a moldable heel counter, the shoe is designed to be highly adjustable by the rider to really dial in the fit—all but eliminating heel slip, pressure points or low-volume feet swimming in the shoe with the enclosure bottomed out.

While many shoes offer two Boa dials, the shoe uses abrasion-resistant Helcor leather and a mesh structure under the dials to eliminate pressure points.

Lake TX213 Triathlon Shoes

When you're out of the water, you want to be able to jump on the bike as quickly as possible, and the Lake TX213 Triathlon Shoes will enable you to do just that. With dual hook and loop velcro straps, these shoes offer easy entry and exit, speeding up your transition times, and closing the material snugly around your feet.

A Sport last enhances comfort even when on the bike for extended periods, and is perfect for high cadence riding. It prevents numbness and hot-spots, with a fitted toe-box, high arch and mid-width ball girth.

Lake TX223 Carbon Sole Triathlon Shoes

Comfortable, lightweight and designed to push you towards your top performances; introducing Lake's TX223 Triathlon Shoes. A Competition last facilitates enhanced efficiency and comfort for those riders with high-cadences and high-powered pedalling. With a slightly curved profile, an increased toe pitch and heel lift, wider ball girth and tighter heel, the foot can expand under pressure.

Lake TX322 Carbon Triathlon Shoes

All the seconds count when it comes to putting in your best triathlon performances, be it during transition or when out racing. Lake's TX322 Triathlon Shoes are a top-performing, lightweight and comfortable option.

Lake MX168 Trail Cycling Shoe

Designed for all around mountain biking, commuting, enduro touring, adventure racing or any situation where “heavy use on your feet all day” support is needed.

Lake MX218 MTB Cycling Shoes

Convinces with elegant style and maximum functionality. Solid and resistant MTB shoe made of Action leather and Mesh. With side mounted BOA lacing system, carbon fiber sole with Mountain Race X rubber tread for optimal power transfer.

Therefore, the upper is made of Action leather and mesh. The side mounted BOA-lacing system provides fine-tunable, evenly-distributed closure for secure and comfortable fit. It can be readjusted during run and retains tension.

Lake MX237 MTB Cycling Shoe

The Lake MX237 Shoes may be built to maximize efficiency, but a host of thoughtful features make them far more comfortable than their race-bred heritage might lead you to believe. Sure, Lake’s extensive experience helps it to channel every last watt to your pedals, but the dual Boa closure gives you tons of fine tuning, and the full grain leather upper breaks in like your favorite leather slippers. Granted, you probably won’t want to wear them around the house, but when you’re dropping the hammer, they’re a much better option.

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