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Token PH Ambassador Mat O'Halloran racing in Beijing

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Token Philippines Ambassador - Mathieu O'Halloran racing the Sanfo International Triathlon in Beijing, China and getting 2nd place overall and in his age group. He never stops having fun before, during and after the race. Congrats Mat!!

Read his fun blog -

Kudos to Alaska Tri Aspire - Paul Jumamil & Kristiane Lim!

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This past weekend, Visayan athletes Paul Jumamil and Kristiane Lim were in action at the San Remigio 8080 event in Cebu. The event consisted of a 1,800 meter ocean swim –a 65 kilometer draft legal bike – and a 14 kilometer run.

Paul went straight into the lead from gun start, where he remained the entire race recording the fastest splits over all 3 distances.

Product Spotlight: Token Products BB's

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The "BB" which is formally known as the Bottom Bracket is the heart of a bicycle.  The BB is centrally located on all bicycle frames and are pushed to it's limits as the crankset is the most essential part of moving the bicycle to reach its destination.  While frame & crankset manufacturers around the world have created an endless variety of standard which is creating a vast confusion to end consumers from standard threaded type BBs to press fit designs with different widths and sizes.  

Cameron Brown rides Token!

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Cameron Brown, 2nd place 70.3 Ironman Philippines, now a Token Sponsored Athlete.

Excerpts from his conversations with Token -

Name : Cameron Brown

D.O.B. : 20.06.1972

Nationality : New Zealand

Height & Weight : 175cm / 70kg

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Quiet, shy, determined.”

Token Wheelsets are UCI Approved

Token has announced the following wheels have passed UCI Certification and are deemed safe to be raced.  The following wheelsets are as follows-

T33, T38, T50, C30A, C50, C55A

Please link for further information.