Zipp 404/808 Firecrest Carbon Clincher Wheels

This Zipp 404/808 Firecrest V3 wheel combination is purpose-built to dominate the race; it's strong, light, and extremely fast. This is packed full of innovations; as a race companion it's stiff, lightweight and aerodynamic, perfect for every road you travel. Zipp's proprietary Carbon Clincher technology provides unrivaled strength, durability and reliability with confident awe-inspiring stopping power. Sporting the highly aerodynamic Firecrest rim profile; it provides greater stability and predictability in the crosswinds. Yet, it still remains extremely light and durable enough for punishing time trials, hilltop finishes and triathlon distance events. The strong-light Firecrest carbon fiber rim is laced to an all-new, best in class, high-performance 77/177 wheel hubset that offers increased speed, stability and strength. A more robust, truly high speed and low maintenance bicycle race hub, purpose-built for the longest, toughest rides. A winner on any course, under any rider, the Zipp 404/808 Firecrest Carbon Clincher Wheelset takes the podium by storm.