Wolf Tooth B-Rad Bottle Shift

Bottle Shift is designed to offset a bottle to a more optimal location and make it possible to also mount a pump on frames with large downtubes. It is most commonly used on dual suspension frames where the water bottle is difficult to access because of interference with the top tube or shock. By shifting the bottle slightly off center and tilting it outward, clearance is greatly improved.

Slots and extra tapped holes in the mount provide 18mm of bottle position adjustment. This allows the bottle to be mounted as low as possible in the frame for improved clearance or moved upward for easier reach

Designed to be easily flipped to provide either left or right hand bottle access.

Centerline of the bottle moves 18mm with the combined 10-degree tilt and 9 mm offset. This makes it much easier access to the bottle, even on hardtails or road/gravel bikes. On some full suspension bikes it may not be possible to fit a bottle under the frame shock without this offset

Offset of pump bracket mounting holes allows mounting mini pumps on most mountain bikes (brackets for many pumps do not clear the frame on mountain bikes)

Tech Specs

Material: 6061-T6 aluminum bracket, stainless steel mounting hardware
Weight: 24g (including all hardware)
Tools Needed: T25 Torx
Maximum load: 1700g
Torque: 3-4 Nm
Made in the USA