Token Hero C45 Carbon Clincher Wheels

AVT (Anti-Vibration Technology)
Token have fused a top-secret material with carbon to create AVT (Anti- Vibration Technology). Weight for weight, AVT is eight times stronger than steel, resistant to high temperatures, fatigue, impact and the corrosion from chemicals or saltwater. Token have cast a layer of AVT inside of the rim which gives you a super high tensile strength wheel and significantly reduces vibration.


TgX = Tg-eXtreme. Tg (glass transition) is the temperature at which the epoxy used to treat carbon rims begins to deteriorate. When the epoxy reaches Tg the outward pressure of the tire and tube can cause the rim’s sidewall to deform, potentially resulting in a catastrophic failure. Token treat these rims with a high Tg epoxy to withstand the extreme temperatures created during braking. Coupled with specially designed carbon rim brake pads the temperatures from braking dissipate faster and improve overall braking performance. TgX gives you extreme performance.

The SwiftEdge rim possesses a wider shape providing you, the rider, with better aerodynamics and improved handling and stability, especially through cornering.

On the drive side of the rear wheel you’ll find double the number of spokes compared to the non-drive side. The two sides are metaphorically at war with each other as their battle to keep balanced spoke tension across the wheel rages on. Neither side wins, but they equally contribute to creating perfectly balanced power transfer allowing you to confidently fight your own cycling battles.