Token HeggSet Headset

The hEGGset hasn’t been designed as the lightest, most aerodynamic or cutting edge headset on the market. Instead, we wanted to make a headset that quietly did its job, year in and year out. We designed this headset to take abuse and we proved it could through machine and rider testing.

We start by using our Premium Bearings that are smoother and rounder than our Standard Bearings so they spin with less effort. We then house these bearings in 6061 aluminium alloy because of its ability to resist wear and tear. The alloy cups can be inserted 5mm into the frame to help support the bearings and cause less stress on the frame.

We know that riding can be tough and that stuff like mud, rain, sweat, blood and even tears will do their absolute best to seep in and destroy the bearings. To keep them protected we double seal them so that all that nasty stuff stays away from where you don’t want it!