Token C50P Prime Road Carbon Clincher Wheels

As someone famous once said: Strong, light, cheap – pick two. At the extreme this is true but the C50P carbon clincher wheelset manages to balance strength, weight and affordability thus making it a great upgrade that can be used for all kinds of riding.

For maximum aerodynamic advantage, the C50P uses the same rim as its more expensive C50 sibling. That means you get the same speed and stability advantages from the 24 mm wide rim. The wide rim also allows you to run wider tyres for more comfort and grip, with less rolling resistance.

Instead of lacing the rims to our super light Arsenal hub, we use our tougher Hero hub. To help keep the wheel stiff when pedalling, we use our Diametric Spoke Pattern to efficiently transfer more of your power into forward motion.

Despite the bearings being hidden in the hub, we didn’t cut any corners on them – we use our ceramic TBT bearings so the wheels spin smoothly so you save energy that you can use to ride faster.

Some might worry about using carbon fibre wheels on a daily rides but we want you to enjoy the ride and use them every day which is why they come with a 2-year warranty and a free Crash Replacement Policy.

This wheelset is great for someone who wants to upgrade their road or triathlon bike so they can ride a faster during the week and win races at the weekend.