Token C45A Hero Wheels

The Token Hero C45A wheels is equipped with a 45mm innovative rim shape featuring a lip at the inner edge of the rim.  The lip provides extra strength and stiffness and splits crosswinds giving you more control than a traditional aero rim.  In headwinds the lip pushes air around and away from the wheel.  Greater levels of stability are also achieved thanks to a wider 23mm rim.  Straight pull spokes laced in a diametric spoke pattern add further strength and stiffness while optimising and balancing power transfer.  The alloy braking surface offers greater levels of braking performance especially in wet conditions.  

The center of the Hero wheels is the Hero Hub.  Moving away from the regular designs of most other hubs, it exhibits a sleeker and more refineds shape which complements the overall design of the HERO C45A.  The hub is made using weapons grade machining process and contains our signature TBT Tiramic bearings for near frictionless performance.