Token C38P Prime Road Wheels

Wheels in the Prime category are built to be stronger and more affordable than those in the Zenith category; we’ve taken C38’s carbon clincher rims and built them into a package that’s tougher but lower priced and called it the C38P.

This wheelset is extremely versatile due to its low weight and mid-height profile so you gain an advantage when climbing and when you ride fast. They can be both low weight and 38 mm tall thanks to the technologically advanced rims that we use. We lace the rim up with the Diametric Spoke Pattern that provides stiffness when accelerating and durability even when the road conditions are bad. The spokes are laced to our beautiful and precisely machined Hero hub that houses ceramic TBT bearings. The hub provides protection against elements and a solid platform for the bearings to ensure long life, all while saving you energy.

With the C38P, you get a wheel that has solid performance across a range of conditions, good specs and a reasonable price thus making it an excellent performance upgrade that can be used every day.