SRAM Red eTap AXS Aero Gearset

SRAM didn't forget its legion of tri and TT cyclists when it recently redesigned its premier road components. With the Red eTap AXS 1x Aero Groupset, you can get your current aero machine or a brand new ride going with its 1x electronic components. With this group, it provides 2 Blips and 2 Clics, which serve as shifters, allowing you placement at the end of the aero extension and a custom location on the base bar. These shifters plug into its Blipbox where it sends a signal to the rear derailleur that has some chain management thrown in to help with the security of this 1x setup. As with the standard road fare, this intuitive new groupset is more than just a 12th cog, it also allows for easy customization of the components, thanks to its AXS integration, and it will even play with SRAM's AXS Eagle mountain bike components should you be building an aero monster cross rig. Also by removing the constraints of shift cables and housing, it makes it way easier to travel with.

This group includes an AXS BlipBox, 2 Blips, 2 Clics, rear Red eTap AXS derailleur with battery, a battery charger, and a charging cord. You will still need to purchase a crank, bottom bracket, cassette, brakes, and chain to complete the group.