Powertap P1 Pedals

PowerTap was one of the first to join the portable power measurement game with its now legendary hub-based system. PowerTap is expanding its offerings with the launch of the P1 Power Meter Pedals, which boast PowerTap's precise data collection in an easy-to-install package that moves from bike to bike without limiting wheel choice.

In contrast to other pedal-based power meters on the market that gather data with pods dangling from the crank arms, the P1 pedals contain the entire mechanism for gathering information within the pedal body itself. Power data is determined with the use of 40 individual measurements of angular velocity per pedal rotation for precise measurements of both round and oval/non-round chainring setups. Discrete data from each pedal allows riders to analyze left/right numbers separately to identify and address pedal stroke imbalances for a potentially smoother, more powerful ride down the road. These pedals feature ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart connectivity to seamlessly pair with your head unit or other compatible device for data viewing and file tracking.

As noted above, the big difference between the P1 Power Meter Pedals and other power meters is in the system's ease of transition between bicycles. Because the system is self-contained within the pedals, swapping out to another bike is exactly as easy as swapping out a regular set of pedals — all you need is a pedal wrench and a little bit of grease. The whole system runs on a standard AAA battery for 60 hours of ride time per battery, leaving options for rechargeable battery use or quick replacement with a walk to the grocery store.

The pedals feature a 14mm stack height and come packaged with a set of PowerTap 6 degree float cleats and hardware. Please note that the P1 Pedals are only compatible with the included PowerTap cleats. When it comes to the cleat/pedal interface, we don't like to risk the obvious safety hazards of unpredictable disengagement or sloppy engagement, so we don't recommend trying to force cleats into pedals that they aren't built for. In all cases, we strongly suggest sticking with the manufacturer's recommendation.

- Measures left and right leg power
- Runs on one AAA battery
- Delivered with PowerTap 6-degree float cleats and hardware
- ANT+/Bluetooth Smart compatibility