Fulcrum Wind 40 DB Wheels

The Fulcrum Wind 40 DB road bike wheels for disc brakes offer you a variety of options. Aerodynamics and versatility have therefore been the spearheads in the development of the Wind 40 DB wheels. These wheels combine good aerodynamics with a low weight for fast acceleration and virtually no wind sensitivity. The Fulcrum Wind 40 DB is a direct derivative of the Fulcrum Wind 55 DB. Due to the rim height of 40 mm, the Wind 40 DB looks a bit more subtle in your bike and the wheels feel more stable in windy conditions or hilly areas.

The rim width of 27mm external and 19mm internal is based on the closest possible closure with 25mm or 28mm tires. This greatly reduces turbulence and resistance so that you can keep the bike up to speed more easily. Incidentally, it is possible to mount tires from 23 mm to 50 mm. The wheelset is built around aluminum hubs, CNC machined, which support the 24 straight pull spokes, guaranteeing maximum overall rigidity. You notice this both as you are speeding up and braking. The Fulcrum Wind 40 DB is the most versatile choice with a strong focus on aerodynamics for fast, flat, uphill and downhill driving.

Available in HG11 or XDR splines