FSA K-Force Hydraulic Disc Brakes

The K-Force Hydraulic Disc Brake is for FSA an unprecedented entry into the hydraulic disc brake market with premium, race ready products.

Four important features for the K-Force Rear Hydraulic Disc Brake :
1. Quick-Draw Braking: Eliminates this dead stroke and engages the hydraulic system immediately.
2. Integrated Asymmetric Reservoir: Ensures that all air is easily evacuated from the system during the bleed process.
3. Rocker Cam lever actuator: Maintains a linear mechanical advantage resulting in consistent lever feel throughout the entire braking process.
4. High pressure front and rear specific hoses: Guarantees both brake systems perform and feel the same regardless of hose length.


—Dual piston hydraulic disc brakes
—Tool-Free reach and stroke adjustments
—Ultra-Compact and lightweight
—Differential front and rear hose stiffness
—FSA mineral oil and semi-metallic pads


— Magnesium alloy master cylinder body
— Carbon composite lever blade
— Forged 1-pc Al Alloy caliper body
— 305 grams