Fizik Terra X5 MTB Shoes

Tough, light, comfortable and versatile, the TERRA X5 delivers winning all terrain performance, with adaptive fit, trail protective materials and pronounced treads for off-road grip.

Inspiring confidence in any mountain bike aficionado, the X5 Terra delivers pronounced tread for the ultimate experience on the beaten path. Providing trail protective materials, glide over any form of terrain without damaging the foot while benefitting from extreme comfort. To help you feel cosy, an optimum fit is possible thanks to light but tough slipstream plastic guides which combine with a 25mm microfibre and Velcro strap.

Ideal for those who prefer clipless pedals, the X5 sports laser perforated Microtex uppers with lightweight, breathable inner mesh for the ultimate support for the foot. Keeping you cool, airflow is maximised while the thicker tongue material provides impact protection from rocks and dirt.

When speed and comfort leave you craving the trail plump for the X5 Terra Shoe.