Fizik Kurve Carbon Chameleon Saddle

Fizik's Kurve Chameleon saddle provides the most comfort available from a performance saddle. Supported by Fizik's one-piece Mobius rail, the Re:Flex carbon fiber shell is able to move with your body. How? Optimally placed cut-outs in the shell—at the sit bones and the perineal region—reveal Kevlar fabric, which provides just the right amount of extra give for these comfort-critical points. Combine the Kevlar/carbon shell with the tunable tension, and the Kurve Chameleon is able to provide a custom feeling perch without sacrificing style or superior function. Tension, thus flex, is adjustable with one of two included inserts, which attach at the anterior junction of the saddle rails.

As an element of Fizik's Spine Concept system, Chameleon saddles are intended for riders with mid-range back flexibility. Dial-in your bike fit with the help of Fizik Spine Concept handlebars and saddles.

  • Shell: Re:flex Composite - Kevlar
  • Rail: Mobius Carbon Braided 7x9 mm
  • Cover: Advanced Elastic Cover
  • Weight: 185 gr
  • Dimensions: 278 x 144 mm