Fizik Infinito R1 1919 Special Limited Edition Shoes

Fizik R1 Infinito 19 - LTD shoes, brings together the advanced features of volume control and Infinito, dynamic arch support, an all-carbon UD sole and a reflective Microtex upper with a very special design. Thanks to the fit, comfort and power transfer, the Infinito R1 19 19 is designed for pro-race performance. Contains Infinito Closure System, superior rigidity and life-saving materials of the Infinito R1 and presents a special edition commemorative graphics for a high-performance road shoe with a unique design. The special Infinito R1 19 19 design combines elements of the routes of the 1919 and 2019 editions of the Corsa Rosa. Commemorates 100 years of the seventh historical edition; the return to racing is the symbol of the new peace of Europe and of the far-sighted unity. Its Microtex reflective material is an integral part of the design, recalling the hours it ran in the dark, without lanterns or street lighting and referring to the reflection of today's pilots and fans in respect of those of the past. With the structure of the Dynamic Arch Support technology and the increased volume control system, which forms the entire upper of the shoe directly around the profile of the foot, Infinito R1 19 19 is developed and tested to fit any rider in a precise, simple way it is comfortable. The Infinito Closure system uses two adjustable double Boa IP1-B knobs. Textile guides eliminate pressure points, providing a comfortable, adjustable fit suitable for high power and high intensity driving. The reflective upper in 1.2mm perforated Microtex by Infinito R1 19 19 has minimal stitching and stitching, combining breathability, strength and flexibility with the support. It harmonizes with a mesh insole to improve ventilation and comfort. The Uni Direction carbon sole, which is light and rigid on the side, is ventilated for maximum temperature control and offers efficient power transfer. Infinite R1 19 19: Reflect and respect.