Fizik Gobi M1 Carbon Braided Saddle

We consider the Gobi to be a mountain-friendly cross between the Arione and Aliante saddles with regards to shape. It features a somewhat flat profile with WingFlex technology like the Arione. The shell has tines, like a comb, which are suspended in place by an injected elastomer, creating controlled flex. Likewise, the TailFlex works the same way. These flex zones are designed to give more than solid plastic, and as a pattern of use emerges, the sections soften to yield to your body. The rest of the nylon shell is reinforced with carbon fiber to give it enough extra strength and stiffness to shed any extra grams.

All Gobi is constructed using Fizik's Spine Concept design to mold the saddle into what it calls the "Chameleon" family. This group of saddles was developed to accommodate cyclists who fall in the middle of Fizik's flexibility scale, which is a gauge of your spine's flexibility and the pressures that correlate with it. For the Chameleon collection, this means providing you with support directly under both the sit bones and genital area.

The rails of the M1 were constructed from braided carbon-fiber and then wrapped with another layer of carbon fiber cloth for even greater durability, as well as to produce a roughened surface for secure clamping. Another design feature for adding strength to the rails is the fact that they're oval — 9mm tall by 7mm wide — which also means that they're compatible with virtually any vertically-clamping seatpost interface. The carbon rails net you approximately 80 grams of saved weight over the Kium alloy-railed M3 version. The Microtex covering provides just enough traction for your rear to be able to stay planted when you're digging hard on the pedals up rough climbs, but the slick finish on the thigh glides won't keep you from being able to shift yourself fore and aft on the saddle when you need to find the right weight balance.