Fizik Antares R3 Regular Kium Saddle

An essential part of your power production, the Fizik Antares R3 Kium Rail Saddle is a lightweight platform for cranking out the watts. Wider and shorter than the Arione, with a slightly rounded-off transverse profile and a slight kick at the tail, the Antares is ideal for riders who don't like to stray too far from their position over the pedals.

Weighing under 200 grams—within 50 grams of the carbon-shelled Antares R1, and 30 grams of the carbon-railed Antares R3—the R3 Kium version still uses the same fiberglass/thermoplastic shell found on the R3 with carbon rails. Also here is Fizik's Wing Flex Technology shell, with tuned flex areas at the forward edges of the saddles sit zone. These zones flex to accommodate a range of morphology—narrow hips, big thighs, all are welcome and comfortable aboard a Fizik Antares R3.

What's different is the Kium rail structure. Kium is a proprietary alloy which is lighter and stronger than titanium but behaves similarly and costs less. No special concessions must be made to the Kium rail's 7x7mm diameter either, which fits almost every seatpost without an adapter, unlike ovalized carbon rails.