B&W Bike Case II

The Bike Case II from B&W is the transport case with the largest load capacity and is suitable for all road and mountain bikes up to 29". Thanks to the safe bike transport, you can take your bike with you on vacation without hesitation and train on your own bike - perfect for all cycling fans. Big protective case for the transport of road bikes, triathlon bikes and mountain bikes incl. 29er. Riding to your limits on two wheels in a new environment to acquire experience or completing training packages in warm lands when it is cold at home – these are important considerations which determine how successful a cycling trip is. However, one really essential feature is being able to transport your bicycle to your holiday destination without it being damaged.
This is the very thing you can rely upon thanks to the well-thought-out products produced by B&W. Whoever has seen how cases are handled when they are being loaded and unloaded onto aircraft knows the treatment to which they are exposed. Our cases are built with reinforced corners, robust smooth-running wheels with reinforced axles plus integrated tension belts. This means that they are specially designed for the treatment they will receive and guarantee that your bicycle will be safe and sound. Comfort is also an important feature. The aluminium rack with its new adaptors enable you to stow away almost every type of bicycle securely with ease – regardless of its fork design.