2020 Argon 18 Nitrogen Disc Road Frameset

Being an aero road bike with disc brakes makes this an ideal rouleur’s machine, of course, but it also means that it will work extremely well for anyone who loves to go fast and wants to have the confidence to push the pace knowing you will have the required braking power, rain or shine. Argon 18 has been a sponsor of some of the biggest, most successful teams in the pro peloton, and you can feel the very pointed, race-oriented mindset behind this frame. Its aggressive geometry is intended to encourage you into the most aero position you can manage so that you can take full advantage of the frame design.

And though we all know that the pros love to “slam the stem” that didn’t preclude Argon 18 from adding in their very clever Press-fit 3D System at the head tube to help us more normal riders get that racing position we want while not putting unwanted pressure on our back or limited flexibility. So if you want to get as low as possible, you can, but if you want a touch more stack, then you have the option to go with a 15mm or 25mm higher setting without having to resort to the use of flexy, unsexy spacers. Combine that adjustability with the aero carbon seat post which also provides greater flexibility for rearward and forward positioning, and you can definitely dial in your ideal position.

Since this is one of Argon 18’s aero road bikes, you can not only count on the frame having been conceptualized using an expert eye on fluid dynamics, but they have also made certain to clear away those bits and bobs that always cause wind turbulence and drag. Similarly, the handling has been kept decidedly calm compared to many bikes designed for pro riders. If responsive means twitchy for you, then don’t worry since the Nitrogen Disc offers a stability at high speeds that will charm you when rolling in a fast pack, and make you feel very grateful when you are screaming down an unknown descent.

The Argon 18 Nitrogen Disc is a great bike for anyone who is focused on performance and racing, but still likes to enjoy a leisurely recovery ride with friends and family. Its comfort, performance and versatility with the addition of disc brakes will help you look forward to every ride.