2020 Argon 18 Gallium Disc Road Frameset

The founder and owner of Argon 18, Gervais Rioux, himself a former pro racer, started out handcrafting steel frames, so it stands to reason that he prizes the notion of being able to customize the fit of the bike to the needs of the rider, even if we’re dealing with the notoriously hard, or more accurately expensive, to customize carbon fiber. For the Gallium Pro the carbon Nanotech Tubing HM7050 has been used for the monocoque frame while the fork uses a Ga31 carbon. Nanotech or carbon nanotubes essentially are seamless hollow mini tubes that hook together to form a lightweight but extremely durable structure. And the Ga31 Pro specific monocoque carbon fork comes with an integrated fork crown to balancer perfectly with the frame’s geometry and save weight for a nimble frontend. This is a bike obsessed with razor sharp handling while keeping everything lightweight. Frame and fork weigh in well under 1000 grams in a size medium, which places it among the lightest frames in the WorldTour. Being so light, it also climbs like a dream, which will suit anyone from Grand Tour contender to weekend warrior.

You’ve probably read that about a lot of super bikes, and indeed it is often true, but something that sets the Argon 18 Gallium Pro apart from competitors, is that you really can make some major customizable decisions about the fit of this bike. Perhaps most important and clever is the Press-fit 3D system, which refers to the frame’s ability to offer three different head tube heights for greater adjustability and increased rigidity. With this system, you can do away with multiple spacers and unsightly up-rotated bars. Instead, there is the option for three different head tube heights integrated into every frame. These head tube spacers offer increase heights from 0mm to 15mm and then 25mm, which contrary to steerer tube spacers, increase the front end rigidity by 5% for the 15mm spacer, and 11% for the 25mm option. Similarly useful is the reversible carbon seatpost that offer a front to rear positioning adjustment from 15mm to -25mm. So if you want to take advantage of the snappy climbing and optimally balanced descending the Gallium Pro will offer, but would rather not feel like you have to be a flexible prima ballerina to find the fit comfortable, you can certainly get a customized setup that won’t compromise the looks of the bike or rigidity of the handling.

When you pound on the pedals, the BB86 in the chunky bottom bracket region will make sure your power is being efficiently put down to the ground. The braze-on front derailleur is compatible with compact cranks, and the frame has been designed to work with mechanical or electronic groupsets. The rear derailleur hanger is replaceable, which is handy if you do a lot of travelling with your bike, you’ll never arrive at a race and find it inopportunely snapped off.

The Argon 18 Gallium Pro promises to be that perfect racing bike that you will have equal fun whipping around crit courses or through challenging mountain routes.