Token C25AD Tubeless All Road Wheelset

Can a high-value alloy wheelset bring performance and responsiveness to your bike in a snap? Rim is the key. The new disc-specific welded AL+ rim of C25AD has carbon-rim-like weight, and is wider and deeper for better stiffness and comfort. For those who want a practical upgrade for everyday riding, look no further.

Token HeggSet Headset

The hEGGset hasn’t been designed as the lightest, most aerodynamic or cutting edge headset on the market. Instead, we wanted to make a headset that quietly did its job, year in and year out. We designed this headset to take abuse and we proved it could through machine and rider testing.

Token Shuriken Derailleur Cage (Dura Ace & Ultegra)

The Shuriken oversized pulley system was engineered for maximum performance and designed to increase the efficiency of the drivetrain on any bike. The larger diameter of the pulley allows the oversized pulley system to rotate at lower RPM and reduces the articulation angle of the chain, lowering drivetrain friction.

Token Konax Pro Disc Carbon Tubeless Wheels

Konax Pro Carbon Wheelset belongs to Token’s Zenith family: lighter, wider, stiffer and faster. The 52mm tubeless-ready rim has been precisely engineered and shaves off an extra 70g of weight in comparison to its shallower predecessor. The Konax Pro wheelset is ready to take on any road race or triathlon. This wheel uses Centerlock rotors.

Token Konax Pro/Tri 52mm & 76mm Carbon Clincher Wheels

KONAX PRO/TRI belongs to TOKEN’s ZENITH family – lighter, wider, stiffer and faster. The 52mm tubeless-ready KONAX PRO front rim and 76mm tubeless-ready KONAX TRI rear rim have been precisely engineered and shaves off an extra 100g of weight in comparison to its predecessor. The KONAX PRO/TRI wheelset is ready to take on any road race or triathlon.

Token Konax Tri 76mm Carbon Clincher Wheels

TOKEN KONAX TRI ZENITH WHEELSET FOR TRIATHLON is the deepest and most definitely the fastest rim in TOKEN’s ZENITH lineup. Following long hours of testing and analysis the 76mm-deep KONAX TRI Wheelset is not only much quicker than the previous generation C590 (F-50mm / R-90mm), but also nearly 100g lighter. Making this our best Wheelset for Triathlon to date

Token C45D Carbon Clincher Road/Gravel Wheels

The C45D is a competitively priced and weighted carbon disc-brake road wheelset that performance and style are not compromised. Hand built with CONTI-FIBER structure rim and shop-friendly J-bend spokes, this is a durable, all-round wheelset perfect for both training and racing.

Token G23AR 29 Boost Tubeless XD Wheels

A go-anywhere wheelset for the versatile road rider, this Prime pairing by Token is durably built to tackle any gravel and adventure terrain you wish to test it on. Taking the best elements of Token's V23 wheels, this G23AR set is lighter and more robust than its hard-riding predecessors. Measuring a 23mm internal width, a balanced performance and consistent roll is assured on every venturesome ride.

Token C38P Prime Road Wheels

Wheels in the Prime category are built to be stronger and more affordable than those in the Zenith category; we’ve taken C38’s carbon clincher rims and built them into a package that’s tougher but lower priced and called it the C38P.

Token EC30A Road Wheels

The C30A wheelset has been designed for riders who want a reliable wheelset. It uses proven technology so it requires little maintenance yet still performs well after hard use. When the wheel needs to be serviced, the parts will be easy to find and inexpensive to replace.

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