Powertap Magnetless Speed or Cadence Sensor

No Magnet. No Problem.

For decades cyclists have spent time meticulously lining up a speed/cadence sensor with its corresponding magnet. We said enough is enough. Those minutes are better spent crushing Strava segments than crouched in the corner of the garage fidgeting with a tiny magnet.

Powertap P1s Powermeter Pedals

Powertap P1 Pedals in stock now!

Powertap C1 Chainrings

Over the last few years, PowerTap has quietly flown under the radar as other companies have made various forays and advancements in the power meter sector, but the brand was far from dormant during that time. The engineers over in Madison were busy putting the finishing touches on the brand new C1 Chainrings and Sensors, which demonstrate that PowerTap is still very much a relevant member of the market. Rather than clinging to its hub-based power measurement and proclaiming it as the only power standard worth paying attention to, PowerTap now offers a chainring and pedal option.

Powertap P1 Pedals

PowerTap was one of the first to join the portable power measurement game with its now legendary hub-based system. PowerTap is expanding its offerings with the launch of the P1 Power Meter Pedals, which boast PowerTap's precise data collection in an easy-to-install package that moves from bike to bike without limiting wheel choice.

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