fi'zi:k's collaboration with Team Sky

Team Sky’s pro riders and Lead Physiotherapist Dan Guillemette to discover how we collaborate with Team Sky to get the best possible saddle fit. They explain how some technical processes are involved to complement the riders’ personal feedback and other data.

Fizik R1B Climb Edition Road Shoes

Fizik Pro Riders will ride the Climb with this Limited Edition! This shoe is dedicated to the 20th stage of Giro D'Italia, the stage that will decide who will bring the pink Jersey to Milano. It is the last Mountain stage, the hardest and most challenging one.

Fizik Link Bibs

Fizik R1B Climb Edition

Fizik Link R3 Bull Bibs

Fizik has a long history with successfully using spinal flexibility as a factor in saddle design with its semi-custom line of saddles shaped to suit riders' biomechanics, rather than asking riders to make a saddle shape work for them. The Bull, Chameleon, and Snake distinctions are well-known and respected, so it only makes sense that as its next project, Fizik would address the part of kit that comes in contact with the saddle the most. The resulting Link R3 bib shorts includes its own Bull, Chameleon, and Snake inserts shaped to integrate with their corresponding saddles.

Fizik Link R3 Chameleon Bibs

The Fizik Link R3 line of bib shorts, Fizik has created semi-custom chamois options that aren't out of the realm of affordability for self-sponsored cyclists. Look to the Link R3 Chameleon if you're already using an Antares saddle, or know that you have medium body flexibility and low pelvic rotation as you turn the pedals. As the more affordable sibling of the top-of-the-line R1, the R3 certainly doesn't behave like the more budget-friendly option that it is.

Fizik Link R3 Snake Bibs

Fizik's spine-focused approach to saddle design has made its lithe, minimal shelves stand out for years amongst more generic offerings. Taking rider's biomechanics into consideration and developing saddles that fit riders' builds as they are has meant that Fizik users don't have to suffer through long break-in periods or push through pain to ride with a high-end saddle. With the firm's mastery at sit-bone comfort, we aren't surprised that Fizik turned its attention to the piece of kit that has the next-greatest impact on ischial comfort with a line of bib shorts.

Fizik Link R1 Bull Bibs

The Link R1 represents the lux end of the brand's pool of bibs, but it does so with a fit tailored to less-flexible riders. It incorporates a chamois built for riders whose relative lack of spine flexibility means they often rotate their hips forward in the saddle, making it analogous to the Aliante saddle, though not specifically limited to it.

Fizik Link R1 Chameleon Bibs

The Link R1 Chameleon Bib Shorts incorporate the brand's Spine Concept design philosophy and luxury details, making them race-ready for cyclists with moderate flexibility. For reference, Fizik designed the Chameleon Bibs to correspond with the brand's Antares saddle, but the shorts are so comfortable and well-tailored that they're just as capable of pairing with any other saddle.

Fizik Link R1 Snake Bibs

Fi'zi:k's first outing in chamois land. But if you aren't already a devotee of the apostrophe and semi-colon, then you'd be forgiven for assuming that the Link R1 is actually the product of multiple generations of R&D. The fit and fabric both contribute to this impression, but—in true Fizik form—the Link R1's key focus is where cyclist meets bicycle. And in this case, that's the chamois.

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