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Personal Trainer inside your helmet.

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The Lazer Inclination Sensor is a body posture monitor that allows you to track aerodynamic cycling posture in real time. The monitor tracks the rider's head and helmet position and provides tactile or acoustic feedback when the rider's head is out of the optimal aerodynamic position.

Lazer Magneto M1 Review

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Road.CC tested and reviewed the Lazer Magneto M1 eyewear recently and they liked what they discovered!

"Possibly one of the most innovative designs available today, the Lazer Magneto M1 glasses, with a crystal clear frame and photochromic lens, have a unique attachment system using magnets that makes them very comfortable over long rides, as well as easily stowable, while the lens makes them useful in almost any condition." -

Lazer M2 Eyewear

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Lazer Magneto eyewear, the easiest to adjust and most comfortable fitting eyewear available! Magneto attaches to the helmet straps with magnets and this prevents pressure on the sides of the riders head as well as keeps the eyewear temples from interfering with the helmet retention system! The M2 is the newest addition to the Magneto line up and is available in stores now!

Lazer Z1 - Best Aero Road Helmet

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Again, the Lazer Z1 helmet wins the Best Aero Road Helmet 2015 review from  Click here for link for the article from

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Lazer Z1 Helmet Review - 4.5 out of 5 stars

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4.5 out of 5 starts review from - full review click here

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Lazer Stunt guys test the “Aeroshell”

Lazer Z1 Helmet is now here!

Tour of Flanders 2013

Lazer Sport & Lotto Belisol Pro World Tour Team Partnership

Following a brilliant first season, with victories across the globe including in the 2012 Giro d'Italia and 2012 Tour de France, Lazer Sport and Lotto-Belisol are set to continue in partnership for the 2013 racing season! 

Lazer Genesis Helmet Trade-In Promo

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Trade in any bicycle helmet - any brand or model and get a 40% discount on any Lazer Genesis Helmet. 

The trade-in promo is applicable on any Lazer Genesis Helmets only.  Sale ends on March 31,2012.