OKO Puncture Free Sealant

OKO Puncture Free is a concentrated liquid that is able to work on both tubed and full tubeless tyres, although for ultimate performance, tubeless is preferable.

It gives peace of mind and lasting security for the tyre’s life, with a dose of 60-120ml per tyre, depending on size.

An all-purpose product suitable for any bike or tyre type, it is ideal to use when converting to full tubeless, where you need a sealant that can deal with all the potential gaps in rims and on the tyre bead.   Many other bike sealants are just too weak to get the job done.

250 ml bottle deals with one bike: for 26” or larger MTB tyres it is simply ‘half in the front, half in the back’. It’s a really economical way of ensuring peace of mind, for a fraction of the cost of replacing just one tyre. Keep one in your backpack to make a bicycle puncture repair; with a tyre pump or gas bottle you can reinflate and ride away after many a puncture.

Simple fitting, using the valve core remover and filling tube supplied in every bottle cap.  800ml Family Value Pack will economically protect from 3 up to 6 bikes, depending on wheel sizes.

Also available in 25 litre drum is ideal for retailer and team service workshops: the heavy-duty drum pump is a one-time purchase and can be rinsed out again and again for repeated use in filling tyres rapidly. It uses the unique OKO Bike drum pump with adjustable dosage, plus Schrader and Presta screw fittings.