Formula Disk Brake 2013 RO

RO - WORLDWIDE THE ONLY MTB BRAKE WITH OVAL CALIPER PISTONS!  The RO’s oval caliper technology combines top brake performance withoutstanding modulation.  Its incredible brake power has been confirmed by several wins during the 2012 World Cup series.  With just 360 grams the ROsets the benchmark for brake power and performance at a XC brakes weight.

New for 2013: Enhanced Caliper Technology (ECT) for higher rollback andeasy installation.

Master Cylinder features -

  • Forged “semi” radial master cylinder improves ergonomics and lever ratio
  • High capacity reservoir
  • Removable handlebar clamp
  • Flip-flop master cylinder
  • Forged lever blade with integrated TFRA (Tool Free Reach Adjust)
  • Hard anodized master cylinder piston
  • Laser etched logos

Caliper features -

  • Forged one-piece post mount caliper
  • Unique Oval Piston Technology
  • Top and bottom venting caliper body for maximum cooling and performance
  • Top loading pads simplify pad changes
  • Laser etched logos
  • ECT: Enhanced Caliper Technology- Increased pad roll back(simplifying installation)
  • Increased fluid capacity