Formula Aluminum Carrier Floating Rotors

Drop all important rotational weight and boast heat dissipation with the Formula Aluminum Carrier Disc - 6 Bolt or Centerlock Brake Rotor. Drilled to optimize heat dissipation, reduce noise, and eliminate weight, these rotors offer smooth and consistent stops ride after ride.

The easiest way to describe the difference of rotor sizing is that the larger the rotor, the heavier duty the application. In very general terms, 160mm rotors are for cross-country, 180mm for all-mountain and some freeride, and 203mm for freeride and downhill. But riding style, braking style, and weight should also go into the equation.

Another common thing is to run a larger rotor up front. We see many bikes with a 180mm front rotor and 160mm rear. It makes sense; most of your braking power is on the front wheel. If you think you’re a cross-country type but are almost a Clydesdale, try a 180 in front and 160 in the rear. Another good reason for a larger front rotor is if you live in a mountainous region where you have long descents. These are the 160mm rotors. Please choose the appropriate adaptor to fit your needs. 160mm rotors weigh 96g, 180s come in at 115g.  Disc Rotor bolts & Centerlock bolt are sold separately.