Campagnolo Athena 11 EPS Groupset

Just like the Super Record and Record:
This alone is a sufficient introduction for the new Athena EPS, a groupset differing from these prestigious models only in the materials used and price. Its ergonomics and derailing and shift performance are exactly the same as Campagnolo®'s range-topping drivetrains. 

A dream within reach of all Campagnolo enthusiasts. 

Campagnolo EPS, Electronic Power Shift, is an evolved electronic drivetrain system that, through artificial intelligence (DTI, Digital Tech Intelligence), is capable of translating the actions that the cyclist performs on the levers into digital signals, process them and control the coordinated movement of the front and rear derailleur. The EPS system possesses electronics that are centralized and not located in the parts, digital intelligence that communicates with the components and continuously sends feedback, and controls them. Centralized electronics means more stability to the system and less risk of failure and breakdowns due to falls. If malfunctions encounter, the EPS system is capable of automatically detecting a whole range of them. The On Board Diagnostic shows in a RGB-LED with different colors when a malfunction is detected. 

The EPS derailleur interacts particularly with the mechanical crank set and enhances the elevated derailleur speed and precision made possible with XPSS Technology. Furthermore it is equipped with a very sophisticated electronic Automatic Position Correction. This allows chain crossovers that are not optimal in traditional systems. As with the mechanical parts, the rear derailleur represents the pride and joy of the EPS project and encompasses a series of technologies and innovations, that allow shifting speed to be optimized and guarantee unprecedented precision. Thanks to the electronic evolution of the Multi-Shifting Technology, it is possible to obtain multi-shifting with 11 gear-cogs. Furthermore it is possible to calculate the position of the chain on the sprockets and chainrings and also to change it, by even just a hundredth. If the battery runs out "on the road", the Ride Back Home Function allows for manual "uncoupling" the rear derailleur to position it on the required sprocket. 

EPS Ergopower controls represent the direct "electronic evolution" of the well-proven mechanical Ergopower, maintaining the special features. By applying the Multidome Technology, even the Campagnolo Click Feeling could be simulated. The outstanding ergonomics retain. The position of lever 3 (down-shifting) has been improved in comparison to the mechanical controls, making it easier to use even when your hands are gripping the lower part of the handle bar. 

The Campagnolo EPS electronic drivetrain complies with IP67 international standards. This means that the system is able to protect its electronic components from dust and liquid infiltration. 

The mechanical components of the Athena EPS also use best materials and newest technologies. The CT compact crank set is suitable for those who want a lighter transmission or prefer more agile ratio sets, but do not want to pass to a triple crank set. It is designed to transmit 100% of the cyclist's power to the wheel. It provides maximized torsional stiffness of the system and the crank arms are made entirely of aluminium. The design of the upshifting and downshifting zones of the XPSS EVO chainrings ensure a precise, and extremely fast shifting process with no hesitation. Shifting is no longer a problem, not even under extreme conditions. The Athena brakes in Skeleton designoffer excellent braking performance as well as precise adjustment features. All together the Campagnolo Athena EPS groupset is one the lightest units, which combines high end materials, first class design and newest technologies.