2015 Argon 18 E112 Tri Frameset

From the first look, the first pedal strokes, perceptions will change because the E-112 is different. One of a kind. With this bike, Argon 18 provides a pro-caliber machine, with all the features you expect from a pro-caliber bike. Comfortable, even though it is built for speed. Aerodynamic form to make the most of your athletic potential. Both these qualities are embodied in a frame/fork crafted in full carbon fiber, to add the other most appreciated qualities: lightness and rigidity. Everything needed to lighten your load during a race or tough training session. With the E-112 you enter another world, where going fast doesn't necessarily mean suffering from a cramped position, where staying aero doesn't involve hair-raising battles to keep the bike upright and on course. The wise wizards behind the Brand with the Molecule have seen to that.
The presence of 5655 HM carbon as the material of choice extends from frame to fork to the reversible ASP 4000 seat post. This composite keeps the weight low and is formulated specifically for the aero shapes inherited from the E-114, a benchmark famous for both its racing pedigree and for winning the Eurobike Design Award. Because the biggest performance gains come mainly via integrated bike and rider optimal positioning, the proprietary 3D Headtube completes the E-112 admirably.
This smart little device means that for every frame size, three head tube heights are available, all while maximizing front-end stiffness. Multiply these adjustment possibilities by the number of stem/handlebar/Tri bar settings available, and the positioning possibilities are literally endless. The bike adapted to the rider, absolutely, totally. Comfort? Check. Efficiency? Full on.