2012 Argon 18 Radon Road Frameset

The Radon’s AFS geometry is “human-specific” and as such is equally suitable for male or female riders, offering a wide, logically incremental size range.

The Argon 18 Fit System ensures that the Radon’s geometry fulfills two key performance expectations:

  • It gives the Radon race-bike characteristics: responsive, quick handling. For this reason, the Radon has the same wheelbase found in the Gallium Pro(Dimension F in the diagram).
  • AFS ensures plush comfort by offering a more upright, relaxed position. To accomplish this, the Radon was given a taller head tube than the two Gallium models, throughout the size range (Dimension H in the diagram).

The Argon 18 Fit System is based on an in-depth analysis of the geometry bikes must have to ensure that they are efficient, comfortable and enjoyable to ride. Argon 18 bikes are more comfortable and handle better because their well-considered dimensions let every rider find the positional “sweet spot’’.

Full-carbon Rn86 rear triangle is designed to complement the aluminum front triangle perfectly, soaking up excess vibration while making the bike lively and responsive.

The matching Rn 86 fork accomplishes up front what the rear triangle does in back, in harmony with the whole frame and in compliance with the expected design criteria: to make a quick, snappy bike with long-haul comfort.