Flanders, the Flemish region of Belgium is infamous for serving up the harshest cycling conditions- where driving rain, cobbled non-category climbs, snow and ice are the norm for its 6,000 racing clubs. This place, the pounding heart of a passionate cycling nation where the most revered Spring Classics unfold, is the cold steel anvil where flesh and bone are forged into the greatest racers of all time. This is Belgium, home to Ridley Bikes, and it is here where our products are engineered, hammered into raw form by the roads themselves, and where we refine them in competition. 

This is Ridley. We are Belgium. 

On all Ridley frames we follow one design philosophy – ‘FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION.’ Every tube shape, frame construction and geometry is chosen for a specific reason. From the beginning, reliability, stiffness and strength have been the essence of our design. Why take risks in designing when nature offers some solid and well proven examples? Most of our tube shapes are inspired from shapes found in nature. For example in our road range a water droplet shape is featured in our aero shape, an oversized circle is the basis for our stiffness to weight range and a diamond is foundation for our strength range. Reinventing and optimizing nature’s examples have led to a range of top performance bicycles. These are the fundamentals required to resist the toughest cycling conditions in the world, our home ground - BELGIUM. 

A checklist for success - our design process is as simple as it is efficient: 

• We start from a wish list with clear goals that we want to achieve from our range. 
• Every solution is well thought through with the principles of form follows function. 
• Before going into production, the prototypes are thoroughly tested by computer analysis, machine fatigue testing and also by our professional riders.