OKO Sealants

OKO was the original effective tyre sealant when launched in the UK over 30 years ago, and thanks to a programme of continuous development and range extension since then, it remains the best.   It continues to be manufactured in the UK from cutting-edge ingredients sourced from leading innovators in chemical development.

Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, and in the present day, there are many Tyre Sealant competitors to the OKO product(s). Viewing their web sites and literature, many of their statistics, facts and statements stem from the original OKO data and web site.

A major competitive difference is that OKO understates, confident that the product will perform as claimed. In performance terms, OKO achieves MORE with less.

The OKO Group has a track record of excellence based upon amassing a library of institutional research tests and tough real-world product trials.

 Over 30 years of operation, no one has suffered any loss, damage or injury through the use of OKO Group products. Without doubt the use of OKO Tyre Sealants has given real benefits to society. OKO creates significant savings in TIME, TYRES, FUEL & MONEY. Furthermore, due to its unique ON Road technology that copes with punctures at speed, OKO has saved lives and enabled drivers who suffer punctures to overcome the normally-expected loss of handling.