Formula Brakes Italy

Formula was established in 1987 with the objective of manufacturing motorcycle wheels and brakes. Our first customer, Betamotor, won four trial championships on motorcycles equipped with our hubs.

The idea of putting disk brakes on mountain bikes is the result of forward thinking by our staff, which has always sought to produce new and innovative solutions in the realm of two-wheel vehicles.

The disk brake was the only component still not used in bicycles. Disk brakes had already been mounted on planes, cars, motorbikes and scooters, making us sure it would be a big success on MTBs as well. However there were a number of problems to overcome

In 1993 we started our adventure knowing we could not repeat the mistakes of other companies who had gone down this path before us. Proof that we were on the right track is all around us. Formula was the first company to successfully produce and distribute disk brakes for MTBs, creating a market that is now crowded with numerous competitors, diverse disk brakes assembled on a multitude of bicycle brands.

But Formula didn’t stop at competitive cycle field; the experiences that constitutes his origins and the technologic innovation allowed his entry in the motorcycle field with attractive, high quality and performance products; now the motorcycle field represents an important reality of the company.