Carnac Shoes

Founded in 1949, Carnac quickly became a leader in international cycling. Carnac filed a series of patents that were the epitome of quality, technology and innovation.

1985 – This was the year quick release pedals for bicycles were invented. Carnac went to work and made the first rigid polyamide sole with integrated nuts for direct attachment.

1989 – In reply to the diversification of the quick release pedal systems, Carnac designed and patented its famous UCS (Universal Carnac System) based on interchangeable inserts. This system is used around the world and guarantees compatibility with all existing pedal systems.

1996 – Carnac released the evolution of the UCS, integrating the Venturi system for optimal aeration of the insides of shoes. This was the first time that the Venturi aeration system was applied to shoes.

1999- This is the year a new advanced technology appeared; the MPS sole (Multi-Pedal System) was an evolution of the UCS system that united performance and comfort without requiring inserts.

2001- Carnac Sport was the first producer to use an interchangeable bar for modulating the rigidity of the sole.

2004- Continuing its search for innovation, Carnac developed a variable thickness carbon sole (MFC5) that benefits from the advantages of carbon without compromising foot comfort.

2006- To meet customer expectations, Carnac invented Ergo Sole, which gives comfort and optimum grip on the pedal while pedalling thanks to the introduction of stabilizers and arch supports in the sole.

2009 - Carnac took on a new challenge with its Tailor Made Program that allows cyclists to purchase a completely customized and personalized shoe, from its shape to its colour. As it continues to look for new opportunities, Carnac now revolutionizes the MTB and bicycle touring markets with its Duo Sole that transforms a MTB sole into a bicycle touring sole by simply replacing the cleats.

2010 - Carnac introduces a new range of products (helmets, sunglasses and gloves) and creates a revolutionary, high performance and patented closing system: the Magnetic Closure System.

Today, more than ever, Carnac is ready to take on the challenges of the future.